Nutritional Counseling

Health and nutrition in close relationship

A balanced and healthy diet is the key to a healthy life. The food forms the basis for most metabolic processes that happen in our body. Therefore, nutrition advice is becoming increasingly important.

A healthy diet counts for a better life quality

Common topics in nutritional counselling/medicine are:



for the prevention of diseases


during pregnancy and lactation


for treatment of co-existing diseases


for food intolerance and allergies


in menopause




for weight reduction


for underweight people

Reduce risks and prevent diseases

Often diseases such as allergies, diabetes, heart attack and metabolic disorders, such as gout, are associated with a poor diet.

The nutrition consultation takes place in 4 sessions. After the first session, you run a food diary for 7 days, which will be evaluated by me. During the second session we discuss the results and you will get tips and tricks on how to optimize your diet in everyday life. Questions and problems of diet change are clarified during the two follow-up sessions.

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