Happy Clients are my greatest reward

Find out for yourself what my clients say about my work.



"Dear Dr. Hausleiter,

I would like to thank you for helping me beat my inner bastard."



"Thanks to the competent and detailed advice about Metabolic Balance from Dr. Hausleiter, I lost quite a few kilos and the far more important thing, my blood values (cholesterol, sugar) are back in the normal range. All in all, a great success, thank you very much."



"With Metabolic Balance I managed to lose more than 50 kilos in 12 months. This is a success I didn't expect myself. This type of diet suits me exactly. There are guidelines, but there is still a framework within which I can decide for myself. I am restricted but not patronised. After a few weeks, I had internalised the new shopping and eating habits, and Dr. Hausleiter is always available by email or in person for questions and advice. Even though the nutritional counselling and the Metabolic Programme are a bit more expensive than a Brigitte magazine, every euro was worth it because my life has changed positively."



"At first I was sceptical about the programme, but what is written is true. Every beginning is difficult, but after only two weeks, in addition to losing the first kilos, I could see that my condition and fitness had improved and my sense of taste was much more sensitised to the different ingredients. I didn't catch a single cold, even though I followed the programme intensively during the winter. Currywurst & Co. could no longer harm me and I also did not experience ravenous hunger. The professional support of Dr. Kathrin Hausleiter helped me to see the successes again and again, and thanks to her support I have lost a total of 15 kilograms. And the best thing - I have stuck with it and no yo-yo effect has set in yet - that was 2 years ago now!"



"Many thanks to Dr. Hausleiter for the detailed consultation as well as the encouraging support during the 8 weeks in which I lost 10 kg, my blood values improved considerably and my blood pressure returned to normal. All in all, a super success and all the best for the future."



"I am simply happy! With her great knowledge, expertise and cheerfulness, Dr. Hausleiter has accompanied and guided me for several months now in my change of diet, Metabolic Balance. I have not only lost 13 kg in weight, but also many cm in circumference around my belly (10), buttocks (15) and thighs (11). In return, I have gained in quality of life through more vitality, a more intense sense of taste, better skin, a new body feeling, new clothes - in short, pure DOLCE VITA! This way of eating (also the preparation) tastes good to me, makes me full and "whets my appetite for more". You eat, choose the food more consciously and taste the individual products more intensively. The selection of food and beverages was never a torture or a renunciation of enjoyment, or even paternalism for me in the context of this nutrition coaching, but rather sensitised me to the fact that good and healthy food, "like love, goes through the stomach". My family recommended this path to me and simply made an appointment for me with Dr. Hausleiter. At first I was shocked, then offended. After the first contact and the first conversation with her, I was convinced that exactly SHE was the right person for me. I am infinitely grateful to her and so is my family. We always and everywhere highly recommend Dr. Hausleiter. I think it is the best present one could wish for (for a birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or just for oneself and one's "very best friend"...). Thank you very much, dear Dr. Hausleiter!"

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