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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about my work.

General questions:

During nutrition counselling or nutrition therapy, you will find out how healthy you are currently eating and what can be improved. You will learn a lot from me about metabolic processes that take place when you eat, about healthy foods and also get tips on how you can implement a change in your diet in everyday life. I will try to motivate you to change your diet so that you feel healthy and full of energy in everyday life. Nutritional counselling can also be used to improve incipient diseases such as diabetes mellitus, gout or a fatty liver. Likewise, you can lose weight healthily with nutrition therapy.

There are many reasons why it makes sense to undergo nutritional therapy: It starts with the fact that you have been diagnosed with intolerances and now do not know what you are actually allowed to eat. You have insulin resistance, a fatty liver or the onset of diabetes and want to try to get a grip on these problems with nutrition therapy. You have not felt well for a long time and have decided to reduce your weight to feel fitter again. You want to start a weight loss programme. These problems and many more can be treated by visiting the practice for nutritional medicine in Munich.

At your first appointment you will come to the practice for nutritional medicine in Munich near Viktualienmarkt and Marienplatz. After I have taken your medical history, I have measured you and we have defined your goals, you will keep a precise nutrition log for 7 days. This will then be evaluated by me and a nutrition plan will be drawn up that will enable you to achieve your goals. You will receive the plan at the second appointment in the practice for nutritional medicine in Munich. Questions and problems that arise during the nutrition therapy will be discussed at further appointments.

The total time required and thus the number of consultations depends of course on the diagnosis, the initial situation of the patient and his or her questions and goals. At the beginning we will have a longer session of approx. 40 - 50 min. The duration of the subsequent counselling sessions is usually about 30 min. Not every counselling session lasts the same amount of time - it varies from situation to situation. The time interval between counselling sessions is on average about 2-6 weeks.

In our fast-paced everyday lives, the preoccupation with food unfortunately often falls short. It is usually just a matter of satisfying hunger somehow, preferably with a take-away meal and on the side. Yet our diet has a great influence on our health and well-being. What you eat, how you eat and how much you eat is very important. Through a nutritional consultation in the practice for nutritional medicine, you will learn about the current state of your diet and what can be improved. In the case of intolerances or pre-existing conditions, together we will find a way for your diet that can be implemented in your everyday life and with which you can improve your condition and also alleviate existing complaints.

Private insurances usually cover the costs of nutritional counselling or a weight loss programme in the practice for nutritional medicine in Munich. If you have public health insurance, my services fall under the so-called IgeL services. These are services that members of a public insurance have to pay for themselves. However, there are always public health insurance providers that subsidise nutritional therapies. If it is important to you to clarify in advance the possible cost sharing by your health insurance company, you should contact your health insurance company before making an appointment. Find out directly from your health insurance company / health insurer whether and to what extent cost sharing is possible. The difference between the invoice amount and the subsidy from your health insurance is your co-payment. If your health insurance company does not agree to contribute to the costs, you will have to pay 100% of the costs yourself. In the case of medically necessary nutritional therapies, I can write a letter for your health insurance company after our first appointment requesting a subsidy.

The actual time required and the costs of dietary counselling may vary from person to person. A more precise estimate of the costs is only possible after the initial consultation.

In the practice for nutritional medicine in Munich near Marienplatz, I am concerned with holistic nutritional counselling. What is meant by this? The holistic approach not only looks at the problem that the person has at the moment, but also at the causes of the problem, the influences under which the person lives (at home, at work, in social relationships . . .) and his/her way of life. Each patient is an individual and should receive the treatment that is right for him/her.

Even if you want to reduce your weight, the practice for nutritional medicine at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich is your partner. Especially in cases of overweight and obesity, a professional change in diet as part of a weight loss programme is usually the best means for success. In the case of overweight and obesity, the environment and psyche also influence the weight loss.

In the practice for nutritional medicine in Munich, it is also possible to switch to a telephone consultation after the first appointment. For this, after evaluating your nutrition protocol, I will send you the documents and the plan and we will discuss everything else on the phone. This approach is a good option for working people who, although they are on the road a lot, can improve their diet or lose weight this way.

Please bring copies of recent lab results or doctor's reports.

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