Nutrition counselling and nutrition therapy Munich:

More quality of life with the appropriate nutrition

Nutrition counselling and nutrition therapy Munich:

Practice for Nutritional Medicine in the heart of Munich

Have you decided to optimize your metabolism or to loose weight?

Do you want to keep your weight and avoid the constant YoYo effect? Would you like to feel physically and mentally more mobile and active?
Then you are on the right track!

I dedicate myself to you with a lot of time.

Please call me for an appointment in the Practice for Nutritional Medicine in Munich and we discuss together individual solutions and possibilities for you!
I look forward to meeting you!

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Nutrition counselling and nutrition therapy Munich:

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No default plans, no blind automatism: Instead, we look at where you are and what your goals are. That is the cornerstone of my support.

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I give interviews and share my expertise for radio, press and television.


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Nutrition counselling and nutrition therapy Munich

Advantages of my nutritional counselling

During my nutrition counselling or nutrition therapy, you will find out how healthy you are currently eating and what can be improved. You will learn a lot from me about metabolic processes that take place when you eat, about healthy foods and also get tips on how you can implement a change in your diet in everyday life. I will try to motivate you to change your diet so that you feel healthy and full of energy in everyday life. My nutrition counselling and therapy have many more benefits:

  • Improvement of health conditions

    Professional nutrition counselling improves diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, digestive problems, allergic reactions and more.

  • Support of the immune system

    Nutritional therapy leads to a healthy diet and thereby strengthens the immune system and fights infections.

  • Better mood

    Nutritional counselling shows you diets that lead to improved mood and reduce depression and anxiety.

  • Increased energy and stamina

    A balanced diet increases energy and stamina and enhances physical performance.

  • Prevention of diseases

    A healthy diet helps reduce the risk of various diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

  • Loss of weight

    Nutritional therapy can help to reduce weight

C. O.

"Dr. Hausleiter, with her great knowledge, expertise and cheerfulness, accompanied and guided me for several months in my change of diet, Metabolic-Balance. I have not only lost 13 kg in weight, but also many cm in circumference on my stomach (10), buttocks (15) and thighs (11)."

U. S.

"Thanks to the qualified and detailed advice about Metabolic Balance from Dr. Hausleiter, I lost quite a few kilos and the far more important thing, my blood values (cholesterol, sugar) are back in the normal range."


The success of my nutritional counselling can be represented by the weight loss achieved.

The image demonstrates the weight loss of 10 patients as an example. My patients can reduce their weight by an average of 8-10 kg in the course of the 8-10 week treatment with corresponding participation.

Ernährungsumstellung Erfolge München

Reach your dream weight.

Success can be measured - in sport as well as in weight loss. And you know what? You will reach your dream weight much more confidently with my support and feel much better. That alone is the basis of my expertise.

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